A cavalry horseshoe or heels upward, with crease, saber and seven nail heads, white. Above and joining the heels of the shoe, a scroll, azure, bearing the word, “GARRYOWEN” or.
At the base and emerging from sinister side of the shoe, a dexter arm embowed, vested azure, the hand in the buckskin gauntlet, proper, grasping an old style U.S. Army saber, or hilted, or blade extending to center or scroll gripe, saber threaded or.

Explanation of Design

The horseshoe is symbolic of the Cavalry. Its color, gold (yellow in heraldic tincture), is the color of the old uniform facings of the United States Cavalry, in existence when the Regiment was organized and is still remained as the color of the Cavalry Arm.

The word, “GARRYOWEN,” is the title of an old Irish (sic) war song known and used as the Regimental song since the days of General Custer. GARRYOWEN, a compound English word composed of two Irish words, Garrai (the Irish word for Garden) and Eoin (the Irish word for the name John, referencing King John's Castle). The Irish name Eoin, pronounced as "O-in" or "Oh-en", was later phonically transformed to "Owen" in the English language, thus allowing the two separate Irish words "Garrai" and "Eoin" to be translated into the single compound English word, written without a capital "O", as Garryowen.

Its rollicking air symbolizes the esprit de corps for which the Regiment is noted. (For many years the Regimental song was accepted as being of Scottish origin; however, it has been definitely established that the song is of Irish origin.) Go To Details

The arm, taken from the Crest of the Regimental Coat of Arms, symbolizes the spirit of the Cavalry Charge. At the same time of the organization of the Regiment this position of the arm and saber was known as “Raise Saber” and was taken at the command, “Charge.” The saber itself is of old Cavalry type used in the Indian campaigns. The gauntlet is also symbolic of those times. The blue of the sleeve is the blue of the old Army uniform. the twisted emblem at the toe is symbolic of Indian days.


Horseshoe - The Horseshoe is to be standard cavalry yellow, the crease of the shoe to be in black with the nail heads in white.

Scroll - The Scroll to be blue and of a shade identical with that of the doeskin formerly established as standard by the Quartermaster General for trowsers of the officers of the line of the old blue uniform.

Motto - The Motto to be in yellow, reverse side of scroll. Twisted emblem below hand to be alternating light blue and yellow of the same shades as the scroll and shoe.

Gauntlet - The Gauntlet to be buckskin grey with shading of black.

Sabre - The Sabre to be of gold with hilt of gold. Black grip threaded with gold.