6th November 2010

"Shakey's Hill" Documentary
9-11 PM ET
on the Military Channel

"Shakey's Hill" Rated best Documentary GI Film Festival

"Shakey's Hill" follows the 5th Battalion, 7th Cavalry regiment as they seek out a massive North Vietnamese weapons and supplies cache just across the Cambodian border. As the American soldiers penetrate the jungle, dense with leeches, red ants and mud, firefights with the Viet Cong are frequent. The final skirmish is called Shakey's Hill, named for the battalion's youngest soldier, a stuttering 19-year-old who died in action.

In 1970, CBS News cameraman Norman Lloyd followed a battalion of American soldiers into the jungles of Cambodia. The mission was to seek out substantial weapons and supply caches being used by the North Vietnamese Army during the Vietnam War.

As the battalion closed in on the location of the caches, they encountered a growing resistance from the North Vietnamese forces. Rarely seen footage and first-hand accounts take the audience through each firefight leading up to the operation’s climax, which came to be known as the infamous taking of Shakey’s Hill. By melding field interviews from 1970 with retrospective interviews from 35 years later, SHAKEY’S HILL explores not only the events leading to this successful mission but the effects of war decades later. SHAKEY’S HILL, winner of the 2007 G.I. Film Festival’s Best Documentary Award, is produced and directed by Norman Lloyd.

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