Submit all information on which unit you served with, along with "Verification of Service" with the 7th Cavalry Regiment. After you are vetted the Sectuary will send instructions as to where to submit payment online. Online payment is thru.

Life Membership. $15
Associate membership. $15
Affiliated Associate membership. $15

* A membership form is available online ( above tab ) for easy viewing and downloading. You can also contact the Secretary and request a membership application. [ allow 3 - 4 weeks ]. Private information gathered on this application form will only be used by the Association in the conduct of official business or for mailings approved by the Board of Officers.

The 7th United States Cavalry Association was Organized by a small group of Spanish American War Veterans, all former members of the 7th Cavalry Regiment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1932.

The Organization was originally named "The 7th Cavalry Booster Club" but was changed to its present name a year later.

It is the oldest active Cavalry Association and its present membership includes those who served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War and Iraq as well as those currently serving in Regimental units in the Modern Army.

The objectives of the 7th United States Cavalry Association are:

1. To cement and strengthen the friendships and loyalties of all persons who have served, are now serving, or may hereafter serve in any unit of the 7th United States Cavalry Regiment, either in time of peace or in time of war.

2. To perpetuate the memory of troopers who have passed on and the history of the many accomplishments of the 7th United States Cavalry in defense of our country.

3. To stimulate patriotism in the minds of our youth by encouraging the study of the patriotic and military history of our nation

4. To assist the active units of the 7th United States Cavalry Regiment to perpetuate and maintain traditions, history and esprit de corps.

5. To continue faithful service to the nation, the community, and all troopers by setting an example of unselfish patriotism and service in the community in which we reside.


Life membership

     Life membership Shall be open to any person who is serving or has served in any battalion, squadron or troop of the 7th United States Cavalry Regiment, or In any military unit attached to or In direct support of same. Only regular members of the Association are In good standing as of the record date shall have the right to vote for and elect directors and officers, and to ratify amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and these bylaws.

Associate Membership

     Associate membership shall be open to any person who otherwise is not qualified for regular membership. Associate membership shall not have any voting rights.

Affiliated Associate Membership.

     Affiliated Membership in the Association is available to all Active Duty 7th Cavalry Regiment "Affiliated " Troopers. MOS and Branch Qualified. Affiliated Associate Membership Requirements to join the Association

1. Be affiliated with a Active unit of the 7th Cavalry

2. Submit affiliation orders with membership to the Association.

3. Receive a membership card and Member Certificate marked Affiliated.

4. Affiliated membership, will be updated to Lifetime after serving in the 7th U.S. Cavalry.

See Full Details ( Get DA Form 4187 for Affiliation requirements ) . ( Get DA Form 4187 here for Affiliation requirments)

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership shall be open to any business. professional or nonprofit corporation, and any unincorporated organization, association or group of persons who subscribe to the purposes of the Association, and whose own corporate purpose(s) do not conflict with those of the Association's. The corporate member shall designate one of its own members as its representative to the Association. Corporate members in good standing shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of associate membership.

Contact the Secretary for further details.

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership may be granted to any person In the discretion of the Board of Directors. They shall not be required to pay any dues, assessments or fees. The membership of any honorary member may be made conditional and terminable at will. Honorary members shall not have any voting rights.

Contact the Secretary for further details.


MEMBERSHIP Criteria, procedures and qualifications for membership in the Association shall be provided for in these bylaws.

No person shall be admitted to membership without his or her consent. The submission of a membership application in a form provided by the Association shall be prima facie evidence of the applicant's consent. The Association may establish and create categories of members, and It may admit individual members or entire categories of members for no consideration, or for such consideration as the Board of Directors may determine.

Members of the Association shall not be held personally liable for any acts, debts, liabilities or other obligations of the corporation. However, members may be held personally liable to the Association for any unpaid dues, assessments, fees or fines, and for any losses suffered by the Association as the result of their negligence, or other failures or defaults; provided that the Association shall not enforce any such liability against nor collect any such obligation from any member without an appropriate resolution of the Board of Directors expressly authorizing Such action. Any member of the Association may resign his or her membership upon notice to the board. If any member fails to renew his or her membership by not paying the required annual dues on time, then he or she may be deemed to have resigned his or her membership by implication.

Subject to any resolution of the Board of Directors to the contrary, no resigning member shall be relieved from any prior obligation owed to the Association for unpaid dues, assessments, fees, fines or otherwise.

The membership of any member of the Association may be Involuntarily suspended or terminated by the Board of Directors for any act or omission which a majority of the board deems to be contrary to the purposes or best interest of the corporation: Including, but not necessarily limited to the failure to pay any dues, assessments, fees or fines in full or in a timely manner. ApplIcations for membership shall be made either in writing or electronically on the Association's web site In a form provided by the Secretary, who shall download and print out all electronic applications, and submit them, along with all other written applications to the Board of Directors for approval or rejection. The Association shall encourage and support the formation of regional, state and local chapters to afford opportunities for comradeship, meetings and service. Chapters may be organized by members In good standing under such terms, conditions and provisions as may be determined by the Board of Directors. Including the requirement that the proposed chapter adopt these bylaws as their own.

Each year the Association holds a annual reunion to determine a program which will promote the aims and purposes set forth above.

Eligible veterans of the 7th U.S. Cavalry who wish to join the Association may do so by sending in their membership application with suporting documents that they have served in the 7th U.S. Cavalry Regiment.

Life Membership Receives:

1. Welcome Letter from the President of the Association
2. Lifetime Association membership card.
3. 7th U.S. Cavalry Association Certificate.
4. Password for the Online 7th U.S. Cavalry Association Roster

Associate, Affiliated Associate or Corporate Membership Receives:

1. Welcome Letter from the President of the Association
2. A Membership card displaying Associate, Affiliated or Corporate Membership
3. 7th U.S. Cavalry Association Certificate.