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As part of the changes made on the website to discourage those that are not part of "Duty, Honor & Country". We have password locked sections on this website. Within the articles there are names and in many cases address information. Weird creeps who have nothing better than to protest, send messages and in other ways harass those that have served proudly do not have access!

We felt that the website should provide information to all members but limit showing names that may be misused by those that are not members.

Members of the 7th United States Cavalry Association have the passwords to enter locked areas, if you have forgotten yours or if you are not a member then one of these solutions will assist you in reading the locked sections.

(a). If you are a member and forgotten the password then send a message to request the pass word and upon checking the roster of members you will be given the information, by the Association Secretary.

(b). If you are not a member, information is provided on the website to complete and become a member.

The reorganization of the Association continues daily to better serve the membership, to provide information and service to members. Membership is the key to survival of any organization and if you are not a member we would like to add your name to the trooper list that have served their country when called to do so.