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Funds to have an Educational Center constructed at
The Vietnam Memorial
17th September 2011

To All: You have probably heard about our local chapter of the 1st Cavalry Division Association --- the National Capital Chapter! We have an excellent chapter and have focused on helping the Wounded Warriors at the Washington Area hopitals (The hospital at Fort Belvoir and Walter Reed (now a part of The Bethesda Naval Hospital system)..

At our last meeting we had some represetatives of the committee working to obtain funds and have an Educational Center constructed at the Vietnam Memorial -- THE WALL.

The Vietnam Memorial is the second most popular memorial in the Washington Area -- second only to the Lincoln Memorial (which is nearby). The Vietnam Memorial has remained so popular due to the many Vietnam veterans who served along side of the brave men who are honored there. Their memories are still vivid. And, of course, the memorial is a sacred place to the many ffamily members whose loved ones are honored there - their names etched in the black granite. Each year the number of veterans and family members who visit the wall that holds so many memories for them grows smaller and sometime they will all be gone. There will be names on the wall, but with little or no knowledhge what sacrifices they made.

The Education Center has a goal of having a picture and a story for every name on the wall -- a place where names will have a picture and a story so that visitors can know about the livesa of those who names are on the wall. They now have about 20,000 pictures and they want to keep working until they have a picture and story for every name -- nearly 58,000. THERE IS A NATIONAL CALL FOR PHOTOS -- please do all you can to help them reach that goal.

I am mailing some leaflets that will give you a much better picture of what the Educational Center will be and what it is inteded for.

The plans are well under way and they hope to break ground for the center on Veterans Day 2012. They need more money.

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Regards to all
Bill Richardson
MAJ - President 7th Cavalry Association

The Vietnam Memorial Educational Center
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12th June 2011

I thank you for electing me to serve as president of our Association.

I say thank you, but when I get to thinking about my age I realize that our association needs to reach out and elect someone much younger.

I had occasion to visit in El Paso,Texas in June (and then again in July) and while I was there it occurred to me that I first came to El Paso seventy years ago to join the 7th Cavalry Regiment.

On 7 July 1940 I joined many others in cavalry recruit training -- riding horses bareback out on a hot dusty parade ground trying to please a sergeant that demanded nothing but perfect performance. Then I thought that in January I will be ninety years old and questioned whether "thanks" is really appropriate.

We have a great Association and we have been lucky to have had good elected officers to guide us and keep us informed. We have been most fortunate in having Jim Savage to provide us with a web page and keep it current. He has done an outstanding job and deserves the thanks of all members. Jim Brigham served as our president many years (a number of terms) and always promoted growth and financial stability. Bob Anderson has also served a number of terms as our secretary/treasurer and also as our scribe for the Saber News.

Both Jim and Bob have done an outstanding job, but both need someone else to step up and serve. Bob volunteered to serve another year and I volunteered to serve as our president -- but was hoping that someone younger would volunteer.

At our annual meeting I found out that I was the only one running for the job. As you might expect we are approaching a time when we could be in some trouble -- especially so if we don't have younger members willing to step up and serve.

I am asking, PLEASE, will some of our younger members (maybe from the Gulf War or Iraqi War eras)volunteer to serve as officers of our Association. I know that there are many that are qualified and would provide new and excellent guidance. Please make your qualifications known!

You can phone me at 540 347-2726 , eMail (use the Form Mail Below). Or write to me at 158 Piedmont St. Warrenton, VA. 20186. It is always a pleasure to join with old friends and others who have the common bond of having served with the 7th Cavalry.


Bill Richardson
MAJ - President 7th Cavalry Association

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